Kohen Meyers

Kohen Meyers is a Durham, North Carolina native with a diverse artistic background. Graduating from Durham School of the Arts in 2007, he took his love for art and started tattooing. Kohen has been tattooing for 10 years, striving to draw unique designs for each client while maintaining a classic edge. When Kohen isn’t tattooing you can find him eating at one of his favorite Durham restaurants, catching a film at the Carolina theater, playing video games, or hanging out with his dogs.

Paul Sackman

After tattooing on the East, West, and Gulf Coasts of the U.S. over the past five years, Paul Sackman is bringing his talents to Durham, NC. Joining Kohen at Welcome Tattoo, he offers a steady hand at many styles with an eye for detail. Serving walk-ins all Saturday and accommodating designs of all kinds throughout the week, Paul is always ready to create an enduring design from your ideas. Stop by the shop to meet Paul, set up a consult for your next tattoo, or buy a print of his latest painting!

David Victor

David Victor has spent the last 12 years tattooing in Atlanta, Georgia and has now relocated to beautiful Durham. He has grown up immersed in the art world, and at a young age, tattooing caught his eye. With a long background working in high volume street shops, David can tackle anything that is thrown at him with proficiency and style. He enjoys working on large scale projects with dynamic imagery and lots of movement. He is looking forward to working with everyone and is excited to build long lasting client relations.