Tattoos have been around for several centuries, and they are considered an ancient tradition. The art of tattooing dates back to 3,000 B.C.E., making it one of the oldest art forms still used today! We all know that tattoo artists use needles to tattoo the skin. Yet, so many people do not see how the ink remains in the skin for so long.

We have come a long way since the ancient art of tattooing. Tattoo artists now have modern tattoo machines, printers, thermofax, and more items to help them complete the tattoo process. However, what has stayed the same is how our bodies receive the tattoo and the way the tattoo ink stays in the skin.

Once the tattoo artist has created the design and either draws or stencils the design on the skin; they prepare their tattoo machine. No matter what type of tattoo machine your tattoo artist uses, the needle will inject ink into the skin and create an open wound. When the needles break the skin, they drive ink into the dermis (the layer of skin just below the surface right under the epidermis). Ultimately, that ink is permanent because of a quirk of the human immune system: The body responds to the wound with white blood cells that attempt to engulf and remove intruders, but ink pigment particles are simply too big to be eaten. The skin will retain the ink as part of your immune system's response to the foreign substance.

While tattoos are permanent, many of them do fade over time. The ink spreads under the skin and our bodies lose elasticity. This is only natural because the skin is an organ that constantly creates new cells and healing itself repeatedly. So they end up under your skin, but this never penetrates the bloodstream or other organs. As a result, tattoos are incredibly safe when done by a professional tattoo artist.

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